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[AUDIO] Actress Sophie Ndaba’s Son exposes his step father Max Lichaba

by centra
Max Lichaba and Sophie Ndaba

Actress Sophie Ndaba’s Son , Lwandle Ndaba exposes his step father Max Lichaba through a diss track .

Lwandle says his step father is a devil “I always thought that you were one to protect us , instead you always pulled up and stressed us. You the reason mama fell in depression. You used her for her fame and her money. You got it all and you left us with nothing.”

“We had to start form scratch it was [a] struggle. Hard to put food on the table, while you busy buying Bentleys & Bit***. Can’t believe my mama [is] in this position, Imma put you in the worse position.”

He then goes on to name-drop and things continue to get heated…

Lwandle Ndaba and Sophie Ndaba
Lwandle Ndaba and Sophie Ndaba

“Okay Max, let’s the people [know] who you really are in fact, bipolar n***a fake Rolly (Rolex) on the wrist. The King of the men are trash that’s a fact. You left your wife alone bruised up on the body. I won’t forget that day when you hit her cause you cheated, you cheated with my best friend well that’s a shocker. She old enough to be your daughter, R Kelly wanna be.

“A devil in disguise is what you really are, I thank God you not my father I fear for your children. My mama had it with your sh*t I’m glad she chose to leave disrespectfully you are [a] tragedy. Fake gangster, bad father with a fat belly.”

Listen here:

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