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ANC NEC Outcomes Presented By President Cyril Ramaphosa 10-05-2021

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  1. “We have now come to the end of an important meeting for our movement. Although we had to deal with very difficult issues, this meeting has reaffirmed our shared commitment to the process of renewal and rebuilding” , said President Cyril Ramaphosa
  2. The NEC will also continue to promote a pan-African approach to fighting the pandemic, including access for the continent to sufficient vaccines and capacity to produce its own medical equipment, medicines and vaccines.
  3. The NEC applauded the continued dedication by those on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. It commended South Africans for their continued adherence to prevention measures, and in taking responsibility for their own health and the health of others.
  4. the #ANCNEC had a discussion on the process of amending Section 25 to explicitly make provision for the expropriation of land without compensation. This is informed by the direction of our National Conference that land reform must take place in a manner that strengthens the agricultural sector, improves economic growth and significantly tackles inequality, poverty and unemployment.
  5. Local government remains a key sphere of government & in the context of the District Development Model, the NEC has committed to continue to strengthen its capacity to meet its obligations to communities, deliver basic services, ensure public participation in decision-making, & drive development.
  6. NEC received a report from the National Working Committee on the implementation of the resolution that all ANC members indicted for corruption and other serious crimes should step aside or be temporarily suspended pending the finalisation of their case. The report indicated that, in line with the decisions of the NEC meeting of 26-29 March 2021, a number of ANC members had stepped aside and others had been served with notices of suspension. These include our Secretary General Ace Magashule and NEC member Bongani Bongo.
  7. The NEC confirmed that in the light of the temporary suspension of the Secretary General, ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte will, in accordance with the ANC Constitution, “carry out the functions entrusted to the SG by the National Conference, the National General Council, the NEC or the NWC…”
  8. NEC have condemned the unwarranted attacks on the Deputy Secretary General and ANC staff members at Luthuli House for carrying out decisions of the NEC, NWC and Officials. These attacks have taken the form of threats, insults, unfounded allegations and misinformation.
  9. The NEC reaffirms its full confidence in the Deputy Secretary General, and supports her in carrying out her duties as per the ANC Constitution.
  10. The NEC discussed the ‘letter of suspension’ written by the Secretary General to the President, for which the Secretary General had no authority or mandate from any structure of the movement. The NEC agreed that such conduct was completely unacceptable and a flagrant violation of the rules, norms & values of the ANC. The NEC furthermore instructed the Officials to advise the Secretary General to apologise publicly to ANC structures and members within a set timeframe. If he fails to do so, the ANC will institute disciplinary procedures in accordance with the ANC Constitution.
  11. NEC has noted that this campaign is actively aided by a few individuals from within the NEC, through leaks, deviant public pronouncements, protests and misinformation on social media. The #ANCNEC agreed to take urgent steps to investigate the leaks from the NEC and any organised campaign to subvert the movement and to take appropriate action.
  12.  NEC have recommitted ourselves to the mandate of the 54th National Conference to restore the unity, renewal and integrity of the ANC, despite the very difficult and complex challenges of the current period.
  13. Since the last NEC meeting, over 2,000 Branch general meetings have been held, and regional conferences have started. Local structures and regions are also continuing the campaigns against COVID-19, as well as other organisational programmes and campaigning for by-elections.
  14. While the ANC has come under great scrutiny at the Commission, the NEC believe that this is a necessary part of the national effort to end state capture in all its forms and ensure that it can never happen again.
  15. National General Council – The NEC has noted the countrywide discussions on the National General Council discussion documents, and urged that these be consolidated at branch levels, so that the contributions can be processed for submission to national structures. The #ANCNEC mandated the Secretary General’s Office to prepare a comprehensive report to the NEC, with proposals regarding the nature, form and timing of the NGC.
  16. Free State – In light of the Ramakatsa vs ANC judgement, the NEC have agreed that priority must be given to pursuing a political solution that will build a united and vibrant ANC in the Free State. We need to intensify the efforts being led by Cde Kgalema Motlanthe to achieve a political solution. To avoid a political vacuum in the province, we have therefore mandated the NWC to establish an inclusive interim structure to take the province to an elective conference.
  17. The NEC Noted work in progress to ensure that all NYTT members meet the age requirements of the ANC Youth League Constitution, which is that they should be below 35 years of age. All NEC members and other leaders were urged to support a vibrant and active League.
  18. The NEC have agreed to establish an inclusive committee to start preparations for an appropriate celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe in December 2021. The NE support the Deputy President and the Deputy Secretary General in the processes they lead to unite former MK combatants, and call on the MK Military Veterans Association and MK Council to cooperate.
  19. The ANC reiterates our complete support for the rights of LGBTQI+ persons and condemns the apparent rise of incidents of hate crimes against this community.
  20. The NEC reaffirms our commitment to strengthen and intensify South Africa’s support for the Saharawi people in their quest for self-determination.

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