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ANC Meetings Turned Into War Zones Says YCLSA

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By Thys Khiba

Mpumalanga – The Mpumalanga Young Communist League (YCLSA) confirms that the African National Congress meetings of contestation over power have now turned into a war zone in Nkomazi sub-district in Mpumalanga.

According to the YCLSA, conflict of interest in the meeting of the ANC is the reason behind the violence and the unfortunate loss of lives in Nkomazi sub-district of the ANC.  

“This conflict of interest has potential corruption risks associated with business interest or public office bearer positions,” said Provincial Committee Secretary, Ntimane Themba.

The YCLSA says the political killings are normalised and people who holds different views are victimized for their views.

“In 2010 the then Commissioner of Police and the current minister of Police Mr Bheki Cele promised “highly trained” investigators to probe into the Mpumalanga political killings and till date members of the ANC are continuously loosing their lives with nothing done from the authorities.”

Meanwhile, the YCLSA confirms that the community members are hoping to see if the African National Congress National Working Committee action oriented approach towards the Mpumalanga political killings.

“…but unfortunately there is always reluctant as this killings are largely associated with factions within the movement, which most leaders of the province are part.”

The YCLSA questioned the ANC to say should the people and members of the movement continue to die like worthless animals as a result of political patronage and cronyism. The YCLSA beleives that the only solution will be from the National Executive Committee of the ANC and the South African Police Service.

“We call upon men and women in uniform to speedy the investigations and those lumpens associated with the killings be arrested and prosecuted.”

Meanwhile, the African National Congress National Working Committee has released their statement after their meeting on Monday to condemn the violence that have happened in two ANC Branch Biennial General Meetings (BBGMs). “The NWC expressed in no uncertain terms that violence has no place in meetings of the organisation,” said African National Congress Secretary General Ace Magashule.

The ANC SG Magashule says that violence is both a crime and a serious act of misconduct in terms of the ANC constitution. Magashule said that the responsible people should be brought forward to account by the South African Police Officers and the ANC disciplinary processes must be instituted by the province.

The YCLSA have also touched on the topic of Mkhondo farm killings. The YCLSA says this is a continuous harassment and killings of farm dwellers by the thieves of land in Mpumalanga, particularly Mkhondo sub-district.

“Few years ago minister Bheki Cele promised the people of Mkhondo a respond to this challenge of farm killings and harassment , till date nothing has happened and more people have lost their lives.”

The YCLSA is opposing the farm killings of both farmers and workers, however we will not tolerate the racist acts and continued protection by the government institutions.

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