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ANC and EFF differences saves DA mayor

by Thys Khiba
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DA councillor, Mayor Dennis Khasudi

By Thys Khiba

A Fezile Dabi council meeting to debate motions of no confidence against Democratic Alliance (DA) councillors, Mayor Dennis Khasudi and Speaker Sidney Pittaway collapsed on Thursday, 21 September after a failure to reach a quorum.

Council is expected to reconvene in the next seven days.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Regional Chairperson April Motaung accused the African National Congress (ANC) of being scared to deal with incompetence.’

Motaung accused the ANC of not attending the meeting to deliberately collapse council and ensure it did not meet quorum and did not proceed.

The ANC Caucus and Councillors in their entirely did not attend the sitting to hold the Executive Mayor and Council Speaker accountable.

“It was a clear indication that the ANC is scared to deal with incompetence. They were mandated and instructed to deliberately not attend the meeting,” said Motaung.

Motaung alleged that the reason behind the ANC’s absence is in relation to criminal cases that he opened against people who are connected to the ANC and DA.

The ANC is in cahoots with the Democratic Alliance (DA), and the ANC is scared to tackle the corrupt and incompetent DA government.

“We suspect that they were given a “package” to collapse this democratic process to pay them off. We never thought we would ever see the oldest liberation movement on the continent fail to hold racist and corrupt-wingers accountable by hiding from with them,Motaung said.

The EFF has accused Khasudi of failing to provide political guidance over the fiscal and financial matters of the troubled municipality.

“It comes as no surprise that the EFF has submitted these motions because the municipality has been plagued with severe administrative turmoil due to the disregard of legislative prescripts and ineffective internal control systems.

“The stagnation of the municipality has been exacerbated by the lack of decisive leadership from the political head of the institution,” said EFF regional chairperson April Motaung.

As the district chairperson of MPAC, Motaung claimed that Khasudi failed to take steps that will enhance the current noncompliance in the municipality.

“The Auditor-General found that the Executive Mayor failed to ensure that prior year’s material issues were addressed and that there was no evidence of oversight responsibilities being exercised in monitoring compliance with laws and regulation,” Motaung said.

Motaung claims that Khasudi uses the same leadership style used by the DA councillor and Metsimaholo Local Municipality Executive Mayor Jeff Zwane by allegedly pleading innocence through ignorance of failure to put in place consequence management, “when the Auditor-General inquired about the status of a fraud case that was reported to SAPS relating to payments made to a fictitious bank account.”

“The Mayor was heavily exposed by section 52 of the MFMA in his failure to provide general political guidance over the fiscal and financial matters of FDDM,” Motaung said.

In addition to the claims made by the EFF, the party has accused Pittaway of being subjective and biased while executing his functions as a council speaker.

Compliance with Section 28 of the Municipal Structures Act which addresses subjects that are related to freedom of speech in council was used as an example by the EFF to strengthen their claims.

“The Speaker has failed in his role as a key in ensuring oversight, accountability, and efficient running of Municipal Council Meetings. He has also failed in being impartial in the execution of his functions as a Speaker.

Motaung has accused Pittaway of trying to silence councillors of EFF in the council.

“There has been a concocted attempt by the speaker to silence the EFF which is evident by his bias against councillors who are not affiliated with his political party.”

On 19 September, the EFF has opened criminal cases of fraud and corruption against municipal service providers VoluscoreConsulting, Zama Compu World and Networking CC, and Refihlile Re Mona PTY Ltd at the Sasolburg Police Station.

The case was opened in relation to alleged prepayments made by the municipality to the abovementioned service providers. These payments were made before the services were rendered.

“The case was opened at the Sasolburg Police Station on Tuesday the 19th of September 2023 and the case number is CAS is 258/09/2023. The EFF will be following this case closely and urge the law enforcement agencies to execute their jobs diligently and not allow any political interference,” said Motaung.

In response to allegations levelled against Khasudi and Pittaway, the DA provincial leader Dr Roy Jankielsohn said Fezile Dabiand Metsimaholo municipalities are targeted by other political parties and leaders.

“There is a motion which we regard as frivolous and an attempt to destabilise the only well-run and stable district municipality in the Free State.

“While other municipalities are bankrupt and unable to deliver services, the two DA-run municipalities that are improving are targeted,” said Jankielsohn.

The ANC Regional spokesperson Sello Pietersen denied claims that they are deliberately collapsing council, saying the ANCwould therefore like to provide a cogent perspective to this false and tactless posture by EFF.”

Pietersen said the 7th Regional Conference of the ANC has taken a decision to restore the dignity of the people of Fezile Dabiregion through reclaiming of both Metsimaholo Local and FezileDabi District Municipalities.

He shared the same sentiments of the EFF that the troubledmunicipalities are allegedly under the incompetent leadership of the DA.

“To this end, we believe that the ANC has made noticeable progress in holding the leadership of Fezile Dabi District Municipality accountable and will continue to do so, in an effort to safeguard the interests of our people.

“In pursuing this strategic objective as instructed by conference, we anticipated that we will face political hurdles and opposition from opportunistic political elements such as the EFF,”

Pietersen said they are “vindicated by the submission of the incoherent and opportunistic motion of no confidence” againstthe Speaker and the Mayor by the EFF.

The ANC viewed the MONC by the EFF as irresponsible and it threatens the stability of the municipality.

It is our considered view that any motion of no confidence to the political leadership of any institution, particularly the one as important as a municipality, must have a clear and coherent outline regarding the envisaged new government, this is to ensure that provision of services is not interrupted and a stable government is formed, a principle which the EFF blatantly refuses to adhere to,” Pietersen said.

In response to the allegations of corruption raised by the EFF, the ANC said the law enforcement authorities should be informed about such allegations and allow the law to take its cause.


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