Home Politics “ActionSA will do really well” says Sizwe Dhlomo

“ActionSA will do really well” says Sizwe Dhlomo

by Central News Reporter
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“ActionSA will do really well” says Sizwe Dhlomo

ActionSA Leader Herman Mashaba and Sizwe Dhlomo

Popular radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo recently took to the social media platform “X” to express his confidence in the success of the political party ActionSA in the upcoming national elections, stating, “You guys will be surprised… ActionSA will do really well.”

Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo

This statement came in response to a user’s criticism of Herman Mashaba, the leader of ActionSA, calling him a “mad lost soul.”

The user, known as Battalion 54, is a vocal member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on “X.” The back-and-forth between Sizwe and Battalion sparked a heated discussion among users, showcasing the divided opinions surrounding ActionSA and its leader.

One user expressed their support for ActionSA by stating, “Normal people who want a good country and peace will vote for them.” This sentiment was met with opposition from others who labeled ActionSA as “DA lite,” comparing them to the Democratic Alliance (DA). Another user even predicted that the Patriot Alliance would outperform ActionSA in the elections.

The controversy surrounding Mashaba was also a focal point of the discussion. Some users accused the white-owned media of pushing Mashaba as a candidate, while others came to his defense, praising him as a better option compared to other politicians. One user boldly stated, “Mashaba is a better option unlike these bloody politicians that we voted in the past who treat black South Africans like used condoms in favor of illegal immigrants.”

Sizwe’s endorsement of ActionSA added fuel to the fire, with some users interpreting it as a significant indicator of the party’s potential success. However, others remained skeptical, questioning the influence of the media on public opinion and political outcomes.


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