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13 New Special Task Force Operators Join SAPS

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Special Task Force Operators Join SAPS

Special Task Force

Tshwane – The South African Police Service (SAPS) has ushered in a new era of tactical excellence with the recent addition of 13 Special Task Force (STF) operators, who are now part of the organisation’s most prestigious unit. At a ceremony held at the SAPS Academy in Tshwane on Thursday, the operators were officially welcomed to the fold by Deputy National Commissioner for Policing, Lieutenant General Tebello Mosikili.

Special Task Force Operators Join SAPS
Special Task Force Operators Join SAPS

These brave members triumphed through the grueling 37th Special Task Force (STF) Selection Training Programme, a testing ground for those who wish to handle the most perilous operations beyond conventional policing boundaries. Their success signals not only an enhancement of personal capability but also a significant bolstering of the unit’s operational strength.

Celebrating their accomplishment, the newly-minted officers said, “We cannot wait to serve our communities and give our country our best. We want to be seen as super humans and be able to tackle serious and violent crime in our country.” This passion reflects the high-caliber commitment expected of the STF.

Their journey was not simple or assured; from over 525 applications, only 150 candidates progressed to a five-week pre-selection phase. A mere 110 managed entry into the training programme, which culminated with these 13 valiant members being welcomed into the prestigious ranks of the STF.

According to the SAPS, the thirteen new members are “adding to existing capacity of STF members that attend to high risk and hostage situations, kidnappings, cash-in-transit robberies and illicit mining operations across the country.” The awarded STF Parachute Wing signifies their expertise and readiness to parachute into operations, with proficiency in weapons, hostage release tactics, and deployment into various territories.

Lieutenant General Mosikili, addressing the impressive cohort, emphasized the attributes necessary for success in their new roles. “South Africa needs a Police Service with members that are loyal, disciplined, upright in character, patriotic and willing to serve the country with pride and dignity,” she articulated.

“Best wishes for what lies ahead, and more importantly, on the journey you are about to embark on. I have no doubt that you are equal to the tasks that you will be required to perform. All of us have every confidence in you that you will have meaningful and successful careers as STF members, always remember that this is a calling, it’s about passion and commitment to the badge,” concluded Lieutenant General Mosikili.

The criteria for joining the elite STF require SAPS members to be 32 years or younger, with at least two years of experience in an operational environment. Rigorous pre-selection exercises ascertain an applicant’s suitability to endure the challenging STF Selection Training Programme.

Special Task Force Operators Join SAPS
Special Task Force Operators Join SAPS

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